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My Life & Ministry

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My Life and Ministry is the AppleTV version of the iOS and macOS app. My Life and Ministry for AppleTV focuses on giving Kingdom Halls of Jehovahs Witnesses an easy to use stage timer for the Midweek Meeting.

Having a stage timer is a great way of keeping the Midweek Meeting on time. Having a large easy to see display for the speakers to watch while giving their parts helps them keep track of their timing. The Stage Mode timer gives an easy to follow, large format, countdown of the current parts time. When the speaker is 85% of the way through his time, the stage timer turns yellow to indicate that time is about to run out and red once the time gets to 0. This makes it easier than ever for the speakers and chairman to estimate their timing at a quick glance. The app also keeps track of the overall meeting time and can indicate if the meeting is starting to get behind and by how much! Another advantage of having a Stage Mode timer is that the individual speakers dont have to worry about operating their own timers, but can focus all of their energy on giving an excellent talk!

The timer operator, either the one running the sound console or another selected individual can easily control the timer with the AppleTVs Siri Remote. Because the Siri Remote operates over bluetooth, the timer operator can control the timer from almost anywhere in the Kingdom Hall. Also, with the iOS version of the app functions as remote as well (if the iOS app is subscribed to the premium subscription). Since the Siri Remote uses Bluetooth, there is no need for a direct line of sight between the remote and the AppleTV set top box as with traditional IR remotes. So the AppleTV can be placed almost anywhere, minimizing the amount of visible equipment.

This app is a great companion to the iOS and macOS versions of the app. Those versions, in addition to the stage mode, offer fully featured scheduling capabilities for both the meeting parts and the sound department. And because all of the apps use iCloud, all of the scheduling and timing information is kept up to date between Mac, iPad, iPhone and AppleTV with no more effort on your part than having a valid signed in iCloud ID!

Please send in any comments, suggestions or requests so that the app can become an even better tool!